Pre Owned Watches

Buying a pre owned watch can be a fantastic way to get the same incredible craftsmanship and quality at reduced price. When looking to purchase a pre owned piece, it is important that you source your watch from a quality and reputable source who can confirm the authenticity of your new watch (like us!).


What does pre owned mean?

First, what is a pre owned watch? A pre owned watch is one which has previously been purchased by someone else. Often, these watches may have lived in their boxes and never been worn at all. This means you are getting a practically brand new watch for a great price. Other times, watches may have been well loved and have a little wear on them. The majority of our pre owned watches are from people trading in their watch to buy a new piece.

What condition will it be in?

As stated above, the condition of watches can vary from brand new to more worn. Within the description of the pre owned watch we will say its condition. If for any reason there is an imperfection on the watch, this will be detailed. All pre owned watches receive a full in house clean and service to ensure it is in the best condition before you receive it.

Will it come with it's box and paperwork?

Each and every pre owned watch has a different story to tell and so each is unique. Some watches come with all documents and a box and others do not. If there is no box and paperwork this will be reflected in the price. Under the product description you will find information about whether the watch has it’s box and paperwork and there will be pictures as well.

Can you guarantee authenticity?

If you are looking for a pre owned watch online, you will find there is a lot of options available. However what a lot of companies cannot offer is peace of mind that comes with buying from us. Our in store experts mean that we can guarantee the authenticity of your watch. From Rolex to Omega and TAG Heuer, we have experts in all the leading watch brands from around the world to ensure you only buy the best.

Special and discontinued watches

Each of our pre owned watches come to use on an have a story to tell!  We often get highly sought after pieces and watches which have been discontinued by the brand meaning they don’t last for long! Keep an eye on our pre owned collection to make sure you always see our most recent pieces and don’t miss out on the special watch you're after!


All of our pre owned watches can be found on the website here. We receive new pieces on a weekly basis so make sure you keep visiting to ensure you don’t miss out! Our watch experts are always on hand should you require any assistance and if you would like to get in contact with us we would be delighted to help.

A message from Michael Laing OBE

Over the last 200 years, the Parkhouse name has become synonymous with luxury and quality. Parkhouse is also part of the Laing family and we feel that the time is right to share the values and vision under one name.

As a result, Parkhouse will be changing it's name to Laing in the near future. Don't worry though, we will still be stocking the same sparkling jewellery and finest Swiss watches!

Our Southampton store is also on the move! We are re-locating to Westquay in September 2017


See the full article about our brand change with a video message from Michael.

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