2017 Announcement

I am delighted to tell you about an exciting evolution at Parkhouse. You may be aware that Parkhouse has been owned and run by my family for over 22 years. Our Laing family business has been specialising in fine diamonds, design and luxury watches for over 175 years and my son Richard is a 6th generation jeweller. The Parkhouse and Laing family businesses have been built on shared values and dedicated to delivering dreams for our customers. Because family is so important to us, we have decided to bring the Laing name to the fore and from September, our Parkhouse stores will become Laing stores. To celebrate this new name, our Cardiff store will be given a fresh exterior. In September, our Hampshire store will re-locate into West Quay Southampton to a fabulous 21st century luxury store which is also very accessible with easy parking. You can expect to see the same smiling faces, exceptional brands and service in-store. We look forward to welcoming you to our new luxury LAING store.

Michael Laing OBE



A message from Michael Laing OBE

Over the last 200 years, the Parkhouse name has become synonymous with luxury and quality. Parkhouse is also part of the Laing family and we feel that the time is right to share the values and vision under one name.

As a result, Parkhouse will be changing it's name to Laing in the near future. Don't worry though, we will still be stocking the same sparkling jewellery and finest Swiss watches!

Our Southampton store is also on the move! We are re-locating to Westquay in September 2017


See the full article about our brand change with a video message from Michael.

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